Kung Fu Classes

Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Want practical martial art skills and get a fantastic workout at the same time?

Then we think you’ll like what we have to offer. Students gain skills that work for themselves in practical situations, not just in theory. We integrate CrossFit into each of our workouts so students develop functional strength and conditioning at the same time. Adult students find themselves developing usable self defense skills while reaching new levels of fitness, all in the same class! Fun and functional, you’ll feel the difference in your training.

It’s not your ordinary trip to the gym…

Kids’ Classes

Kids' Classes

On any given day, you’ll find our kids jumping, tumbling, sparring, grappling – basically developing a lifelong love of movement through our unique program.

In addition to learning practical martial art skills, kids are gaining strength, self discipline, and coordination that is reflected in their movements, choices and attitude. As the kids grow stronger, they are empowered to make better choices regarding themselves and their community. In every kids class, they experience fun, hard work and learning!

We offer kids classes five days a week at convenient times for school and parents’ schedules. Check out the schedule on the right side of this page for times and age brackets. And always feel free to stop by and see for yourself, ask questions, or just give us a call. We’d love to meet you!




The AKF is run by Sifu Kyle Alexander, a fourth degree black belt in Mo Duk Pai kung fu. A certified Crossfit instructor as well, Sifu Alexander has fifteen years’ experience helping students, from kids to adults, get better at what they want to accomplish in the martial arts.