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What does the Academy of Kung Fu teach?


The Academy of Kung Fu teaches the cornerstones of Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu- practicality, spontaneity, creativity, and ethical behavior. At the heart of Mo Duk Pai is an effective self defense martial art. What sets the Academy apart from a “traditional”kung fu school is that we are a progressive mixed martial art. Whether it’s street self defense gleaned from law enforcement experience, throws from Sambo, ground techniques from Jiu Jitsu, or stick fighting from Modern Arnis, we’ll use it if it’s effective. So, although we have a tradition of basic martial understanding and application, we’re always evolving and moving towards creating something better, the “complete martial artist.”

The Physical Side

From a self defense standpoint, we incorporate striking, throwing, grappling, forms and weapons in both competition and street scenarios. We use traditional and innovative exercises that range from the modern, such as Crossfit, to the traditional, such as forms, to increase efficiency, capability and physical well being.

The Mental Side

Confront is the ability to observe what a person is facing, and do it with boldness. With confront, a person can make better strategic choices for a successful outcome. Students gain this skill through constantly varied problem solving and scenarios. Students learn effective strategies for each situation, in both street and sport, and then drill these responses through repetition. This creates a competency that allows a student to become more spontaneous and present.

The Spiritual Side

Through the integration of body and mind, spiritual development grows. Students develop greater confidence in overcoming obstacles, and determination in the face of challenging situations. As the student becomes more skilled, this fosters a growth in focus, self discipline and ethical behavior.

Seeing is Believing

Feel free to come by any time and watch a class for yourself. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. We also offer a free week’s classes for prospective students. Just fill out our downloadable form, and try it for yourself. We think you’ll like what we have to offer, and hope you’ll come by.