• A Complete Martial Art

    We strive to develop the complete martial artist.

    Mind, Body, Spirit

    We seek to develop the mind, body and spirit  of each student through a martial art system called Mo Duk Pai kung fu. 

    Each Student An Individual

    We create an atmosphere that allows students to progress at their own rate while mastering a catalog of basic techniques, enabling creativity and improvisation in a variety of situations, from competition to street to daily life.

    Come and check us out

     Check out the connect link, call, or better yet, come by. We're happy to talk, have you watch some classes, or try it out for free. And of course, there's a lot of information here at the site. We hope you'll get in touch, then see for yourself what we have to offer.



  • Double Doozy!   July 26th, 2014


    Tomorrow at the Academy of Kung Fu!! Work hard, play hard. Open house in the morning from 9am- Noon, then Movie Night from 6-9pm! Don’t miss out!!
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    White, orange, purple, and black. Those were the colors flying around the AKF this last week. Jake earned his Jr. Orange sash, while Brianna, Fiona, and Nicholas all earned their Jr Orange/Purple sashes. Black sash, colored stripe, white fringe. Good combo. These kids made those colors shine.

    The Academy of Kung Fu is excited to be a part of this year’s event! On Saturday July 26th, we will be holding an Open House from 9am-Noon for the public to come and see what we do here. Kids will be featured from 9-10am and adults from 10am-Noon. What a great neighborhood! We have strived to add to this community, for decades now, creating more effective and compassionate people. I don’t see that business plan changing anytime soon.


    Two on the Move!   July 15th, 2014

    Even through the dog days of summer, our kids have been staying clear. They know to be drinking their water, they know to keep their bodies fueled with healthy food. Seeing them coming in to train after long days of swimming, biking, camps, etc and then giving it their all, that’s remarkable! Seamus earned his Jr. Purple sash last week which is a noteworthy rank. Quinn earned his Jr. Orange sash which required great focus. These two students have shown that age doesn’t matter – you can beat the heat and thrive!

    Lessons in Efficiency   July 8th, 2014

    Val’s seminar on the Art of Systema was a fantastic way to wrap up the holiday weekend. He brought new approaches to the ideas of movement, breathing, structure (remember the Cushy Chair!!), and relaxation. Huge thanks to Val for traveling cross country to share this info. We look forward to seeing him again soon!

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    4th of July Schedule   June 30th, 2014

    In honor of the national holiday, we will not be holding classes this Friday and Saturday, July 4th and 5th. I look forward to seeing the adults at the Systema seminar on Sunday! Just make sure to show up with all your fingers and toes…


    Newest Member of Advanced Class   June 18th, 2014

    We got to welcome Jaydra Perfetti to Advanced Class this morning! After reaching the level of Green Sash, a student has the option of becoming an Advanced Student – someone committed to earning their Black Belt. Its not for everyone. A student may train up through Brown Sash without committing to becoming an AS. Heck, even earning a Green Sash in our System in the first place is quite an accomplishment. Hence, we are a small, tight knit group.

    Welcome to the family, Jaydra!

    Intention, Execution   June 11th, 2014

    My teacher, Professor Fred King, is constantly stressing the importance of footwork. He has reminded me on many occasions that its not enough to just pick the foot up and have it come down. You need to place it down with a purpose. Each step should be for a reason. There should be a quality in each action. I can think of many times growing up in upstate NY in the wintertime where a careless step meant going from looking straight to looking straight up due to ice. Making the hike (now as an adult) to a favorite surf spot over kelp covered boulders with an SUP in hand,  this reminds me of the importance of Professor’s message.

    I think Danny MacAskill understands what Professor is talking about better than most…

    Systema Seminar at AKF!   June 11th, 2014