• A Complete Martial Art

    We strive to develop the complete martial artist.

    Mind, Body, Spirit

    We seek to develop the mind, body and spirit  of each student through a martial art system called Mo Duk Pai kung fu. 

    Each Student An Individual

    We create an atmosphere that allows students to progress at their own rate while mastering a catalog of basic techniques, enabling creativity and improvisation in a variety of situations, from competition to street to daily life.

    Come and check us out

     Check out the connect link, call, or better yet, come by. We're happy to talk, have you watch some classes, or try it out for free. And of course, there's a lot of information here at the site. We hope you'll get in touch, then see for yourself what we have to offer.



  • 2014 MDP Camp Registration   April 16th, 2014

    To register for this year’s Camp, please click on the link below:


    It’s all about committing to the action. Commit to going to Camp now. Sure plenty of obstacles will try to get in your way – time, money, obligations. You will find that once you have committed to the action, you will find ways to go through, over or around those obstacles because you are clear in your intentions. See y’all at Camp!



    Looks Can Be Deceiving   April 9th, 2014

    Congratulations to Orion for earning his Jr. Orange/Purple sash and to Ana for earning her Jr. Purple sash this week. Both of these kids are some of the nicest people you’d want to meet. Polite, compassionate, outgoing. And probably the first kids you should call if you needed a hand! Their good manners and respectfulness may do a good job to conceal their inner Tigers.  But don’t be fooled – these kids have fierce skills underneath their gentile exteriors. Keep ‘em guessing, Orion and Ana! 

    Training Opportunity!   April 8th, 2014

    This just in from Sifu Sean Kelly. Another great opportunity to expand your training. And it’s free. Jeremy, Ramiro – don’t think I didn’t see you guys enjoying some Capoeira training the other night!  Good for you guys for broadening your horizons!


    A Lesson in Staying Present   April 3rd, 2014

    This week in Kids Classes (so far!): James R. earned his Jr. Purple Sash. He showed a great maturity in his ability to stay in the Now. After an honest mistake of showing up to the wrong class on the wrong day – a breach of etiquette that could have shook his base – he did not not dwell in the past. Instead, he corrected the mistake with his parents first, then with the school and moved on. He continued to have solid back to back training sessions with great confidence.  That is the epitome of “fall down, get back up again.” Thank you for setting this great example, James. 

    Mo Duk Pai Camp Dates!   April 2nd, 2014

    Camp dates for 2014 have just been released! Mo Duk Pai Association’s Annual Training Camp will be June 7-8 at Aldersgate Retreat Center. Mark it on your calendar now. This camp is open to all adult trainers in MDP. Green and above, I will expect to see you guys there. Blues and under, you won’t want to miss it!

    More details coming soon…

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    Got to the Mo Duk Pai website to register:

    Click here!

    May 3,2014 – Time: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
    Grappling, Forms and Sparring all in one day!  Come pit your skills against everyone else in the system in a friendly and competitive environment. $10 gets you all entrance into all three events.  Pick and choose which events you want to play in. Grappling will be done in 4 minute rounds and go to submission.  All participants will wear a Gi and start from their knees.  No small join locks are allowed (wrists, ankles, fingers and toes).  No striking is allowed.  If one student taps, the other gets 3 points and the match is over.  If the match goes 4 minutes without a tap, both students are given 1 point.  Everyone in a division will grapple everyone else.  Winner of the division is the one with the most points.  Divisions will be determined by weight, skill level, age and gender (we’ll do our best with whoever shows up). Forms competition will be divided up by rank.  Students will present their form and get a score.  Student with the top score wins the division.  In the event of a tie, students will be asked to repeat their form (or do another one) and then the judges will (sparring style) point to who they think did a more impressive form. Sparring will be divided up by rank, weight, gender and age.  Matches will go to 5 points or two minutes, whichever comes first.  If the match ends in a tie, the match will continue until one student scores a point.  This will be a mostly double elimination format – no student will spar the same partner twice. The order of events is grappling @ 9AM, forms @ 10AM and sparring @ 11AM.  $10.  All proceeds go to the MDP association.


    Academy of Kung Fu
    3228 SE 21st Avenue
    Portland, 97228

    Event Fees:

    Tournament participant $ 10.00

    Calling All MDP Blue Sashes!   March 26th, 2014

    Come train with your peers this Sunday at 1pm at the Westside Academy of Kung Fu and CrossFit Hillsdale under the instruction of Sifu Wally Jones. This event was created specifically for Blue Sashes in the Art of Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu. We know this rank presents its own set of challenges. This class will address those challenges and help you get at least one step closer your next goal. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

    The  5th Annual Martial Arts Enhancement Seminar was held this Sunday at the AKF. Great to see the newer generation of Kajukenbo practitioners mixed with the highest ranks. Nice sign of health within the Arts! Special thanks to Sigung Trent Junker for putting it all together. 

    Click here to see photos on our Facebook page.


    Tomorrow!   March 22nd, 2014