• A Complete Martial Art

    We strive to develop the complete martial artist.

    Mind, Body, Spirit

    We seek to develop the mind, body and spirit  of each student through a martial art system called Mo Duk Pai kung fu. 

    Each Student An Individual

    We create an atmosphere that allows students to progress at their own rate while mastering a catalog of basic techniques, enabling creativity and improvisation in a variety of situations, from competition to street to daily life.

    Come and check us out

     Check out the connect link, call, or better yet, come by. We're happy to talk, have you watch some classes, or try it out for free. And of course, there's a lot of information here at the site. We hope you'll get in touch, then see for yourself what we have to offer.



  • Groundwork Seminar!   September 8th, 2014

    For anyone looking to improve their movements from the ground, this seminar should open your eyes to new possibilities. Grapplers, mark this on your calendar. Open to all adult levels.

    Ground Work Flier Oct 5

    Monday, September 1 – Labor Day. No Classes tonight at the AKF. Back to normal class schedule tomorrow.

    Enjoy that sunshine!

    Christmas in August   August 26th, 2014

    This in from one of the finest Kung Fu instructors in NE Portland. A truly ingenious game!

    Hi there,

    I’ll do my best to keep this brief. Thanks for bearing with me and reading it all the way through.

    Tao of Peg, http://www.tao-of-peg.com/, the board game, launched on KickStarter Sunday morning. It’s my creation and others helped bring it to life. It’s been in the works for over 20 years and finally come into being as a real live game! I’m excited to see it become reality and so is the team that helped actualize the idea. NOW we can use some help gathering enough support with backers on KickStarter to actually take it to market.

    That’s where you come in. The sooner the better too, please. KickStarter kinda works on a bit of a snowball effect. Once people start seeing lots of activity the campaign gathers momentum and support.

    Here’s WHY you can help.

    1) Because you are a friend or a loving family member. That’s what we do. We help each other. I’d do the same for you and all of you know that. You wouldn’t be getting this email if you weren’t in my circle of people I care for and about.
    2) Buy a Christmas gift in August. No really! It will take 7 weeks to do the KickStarter program and another 6 – 8 weeks to manufacture and a week or two to ship. JUST in time for a gift for someone. Everyone knows someone who would like a new, different and never before played board game. Just think one good gift out of the way already and it’s only August.
    2) It’s a great game and lots of fun to play with friends and family. It should be on the market.
    3) You can get stuff your won’t be able to get anyplace else.
    4) We’ve set up a great business structure that will continue to give back to the community through 10% of every sale going to one of five charitable organizations.
    5) If you are a Mo Duk Pai student you can send me an email and 10% of your contribution goes to the Mo Duk Pai Association.

    Here’s HOW you can help.

    1) You can become a backer through the KickStarter campaign and receive some cool stuff. Buy a game, a shirt, a coffee mug or just back us.
    2) You can donate through the website using PayPal especially set up for those who don’t want to navigate KickStarter. (pretty easy though)
    3) Here’s the big one, SPREAD THE WORD VIA EMAIL, FACEBOOK WORD OF MOUTH or any other means of communication you can think of PLEASE.

    Even if you don’t want to back financially don’t sweat it. Really, don’t sweat it. Some folks just can’t afford the buck or few bucks or don’t want to mess with it. If that’s the case you can still help. The more people hear about it the more opportunity for support. Just share the FaceBook posts or the email with others. That’s what social media is all about, connecting and sharing info.

    I may be sending out a few emails over the next month or so regarding this project. I’ll always include Tao of Peg in the subject line so if I’m pestering you just go ahead and hit delete. I’ll try not to pester though, just update you on things.

    Thanks again for reading. I’d really appreciate it if would be so kind as to pass the word to others and ask others to pass the word to others and so on and so forth. Of course if you want to go ahead and purchase a cool game we’ll accept your support, gladly.

    Much love,
    Help us get this thing off the ground.

    Today!   August 24th, 2014


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    Adult testing will be held Thursday, August 21 at 6pm at the Northeast Portland Academy of Kung Fu. Due to testing, our schedule will be:

    5pm Kids Class is on!

    6pm and 7:30pm Adult Classes are canceled for tonight.

    Back to the regular schedule tomorrow.

    GM Max Pallen here at the Academy of Kung Fu this Sunday! 

    Testing this Thursday!   August 19th, 2014

    Next adult testing will be held at the Northeast Portland Academy Kung Fu this Thursday starting at 6pm. The following students from the AKF may test for their next ranks:

    ORANGE Sash

    Teri Winfield

    Shane Chokey


    Ted Askwith

    Barry Winfield

    We will be having regularly scheduled Kids class at 5pm but NO ADULT CLASSES THURSDAY AUG. 21 due to testing. Good luck to all going up.

    2014 Beach Day!   August 17th, 2014

    Gorgeous weather. Family and friends. Sand wrestling. Great waves. Beach chi sao. Smiles everywhere. What a day!!

    IMG_9893 IMG_9894 DSCN5223 DSCN5225 DSCN5226 DSCN5227 DSCN5228 DSCN5229 DSCN5230 DSCN5232 DSCN5233 DSCN5236 DSCN5237 DSCN5240 DSCN5246 DSCN5249 DSCN5251 DSCN5254 DSCN5255 DSCN5256


    This Saturday!! Come one, come all! No classes Saturday in celebration of our Annual Beach Day. Learn what the logo on your uniform is all about. You work hard, now its time to play a little. Visit Mark over at Cannon Beach Surf for some great beach rentals for the day. Indian Beach is a true gem on the Oregon Coast. Just remember parking fills up fast. See y’all there!

    MDP Picnic 2014FB