A Complete Martial Art

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We strive to develop the complete martial artist.

Mind, Body, Spirit

We seek to develop the mind, body and spirit  of each student through a martial art system called Mo Duk Pai kung fu.

Each Student An Individual

We create an atmosphere that allows students to progress at their own rate while mastering a catalog of basic techniques, enabling creativity and improvisation in a variety of situations, from competition to street to daily life.

Come and check us out

Check out the connect link, call, or better yet, come by. We’re happy to talk, have you watch some classes, or try it out for free. And of course, there’s a lot of information here at the site. We hope you’ll get in touch, then see for yourself what we have to offer.

AKF Blog


New Crew  March 19th, 2013

Last week was a big week for the young men of the AKF. By Saturday, we had 4 new Jr. Orange sashes. Help me welcome into the “Colored Belt” world: Orion, Thor, Isaac, Peter.

There was a really great part in working with these particular kids in their journey towards their first sash. It wasn’t what was happening, but what was NOT happening. These 4 boys just trained. They did not, not even once, any of them, say, “Sifu, how close am I to getting my first belt?” The adults understand that that kind of question removes one’s self from being present. It means you’re not here, you’re thinking about the future. Instead of “projecting” what is to happen or plan for when it will happen, the goal is to be here now and just train. The rank will come (or not), but the value is in doing the work. Perfect example of which can be seen in videos made by Brazzers, all the actors are really engaged in the process. The guys and girls from Mofos are not that far. Easy to say. Extremely difficult for kids to do. Yet, somehow these boys just trained without questioning when or if they would have something around their waists to show for it.

Always great  to be able to learn life lessons from the kids!

You might be thinking, “Which one to go to?” Check out the prices – go to both! What an amazing group of martial artists coming through for the months of March and April. Mark your calendars. http://www.czechcasting.tv will present new movies this month also.

Huge Kajukenbo Seminar up next! February 28th, 2013


Sunday was a jam packed day of knife training with Dean Foster at the AKF. There is nothing like that at http://www.publicpornhd.com, only words and a real desire to make love. Those who attended got what they came for and more. Talk with the folks who invested their day towards improving their understanding and skills around such a potent threat as a knife, and they will tell you Dean Foster is the real deal. Thank you Mr. Foster for sharing your information. Great to see not only the students from the AKF in attendance but the other incredibly diverse group of trainers from law enforcement, to first responders, to other martial artist from different systems.


The Kids are Alright February 19th, 2013

From the adult testing to the kids working their Art, last week saw a leap in many students’ training. Among the kids we proudly recognize these students for earning their next ranks:

Jr. Orange Sash Jr. Orange/Purple Sash

James Liem




These kids have been working hard to get their basics down and being able to do them spontaneously. Their hard work has been a great example for the other students, especially our newer kids, to follow. Thanks for being positive role models, guys.


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Russell Young has generously provided us with the use of these photos. Thanks Russell for getting the feel for the day in pictures. I love that the intensity is still there well after the lights literally go out. For more action shots from Russell of Saturday’s test, go to:

our Flickr page.

Please welcome a new Brown/Black sash and a new Green sash to the AKF family – Jeremy Marchant and Kyle Young both received their ranks Saturday afternoon. Huge thanks to Sifu Sean Kelly for hosting the event at his NPAKF as well as Sifu Wally Jones for bringing his students from the Westside AKF to test. Special thanks to the helpers for donating their time and talents for the guys testing to work with. Photos are courtesy of Russell Young. Russell has generously donated the use of these photos for the use on our sites. More from Russell soon.

Congratulations to those promoted to Blue sash from the Westside AKF as well!

7 for 12 February 5th, 2013

In last night’s 6pm class for Purple sashes and above, we had 12 students. On the ledge with their Blue Books were 7 pair of eye glasses. Seemed like a perfect night to do tons of chi sao drills. For those students who trained last night and don’t see the humor in this, please see me after your next class for more chi sao drills…

No classes – kids or adults – this Saturday, Feb. 9th due to adult testing. Myself, the assistant instructors and all advanced level trainers will be at the test. Hope to see you there, too.

Adult testing will be held at NPAKF at 7am sharp.

Testing is open for the public to witness. You are welcome to stop in during the morning to watch some high level trainers put out some of their best performances under pressure. Hopefully.